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s_mueller - rom/rem ep [63_049]

Published April 5, 2004
Topics Electronic

s_mueller is a techno/trance/ambient producer from germany who had a lot of releases on physical labels in europe, usa and canda. he began producing music and djing in 1990 and played on events like loveparade and thunderdome. now he discovered the netaudioworld and relesead music on nishi, kahvi, camomille, retinascan, floppy swap and rohformat within a very short time. a glance on his webpage show us, that he also will have releases on hippocamp and comfort stand and a lot of other labels. it seems that s_mueller is a 24/7 producer who can do almost every style!

the rom/rem ep is a musical fragment that wanders between minimal techno records from the late-mid 90ies like foundation records or elektro music department records, stange listening techno and minimal-steady game score. it's another release that show techno is not only suitable for dancing, but also for listening.


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